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Posted in Calgary
|   December 04, 2017

You may have never thought about it this way, but the dancefloor is the centerpiece of the whole reception; most of the night's major moments happen on or around them,  they're usually located at the very center of the event, and they're constantly in view. Not only that, most people spend much more time with their eyes on the floor than anywhere else, that's why it's imperative that this very important wedding element be catered to just as much as the others. 

That's where Farafina Design comes in, they're the last word in luxe printed decor in Calgary and beyond. As a custom event design firm, Farafina Design specializes in stunning vinyl dance floors, aisle runners, and displays. They work passionately with a wonderfully personal approach to truly give special attention to the centerpiece of your night.

Products offered

- White vinyl, and fully printed dance floors

- Vinyl Aisle runners

- Printed Backdrops

- Displays

- LED dance floor

Come see them at booths 224 and 226 and right across at booth 225 is a stunning dance floor created by Farafin Design.

See you at The Wedding Fair!

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