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Who To Take With You When You Try On Wedding Gowns
Posted in Calgary
|   April 24, 2018

Wedding dress shopping is no simple task. The gown of your dreams is out there and finding it is now your sole focus in your wedding planning. We get - we're hardcore shoppers too! When you head out to gown hunt, there's the right set of people to take with you on each trip because each trip has it's own unique level of pressure to make a decision. We're breaking down who to take with you on each wedding dress shopping trip! 

First Time Out - Pop The Bubbly! 
You've never set foot in a gown, and you want to try on every single style out there. This is the trip to get all your bridesmaids, and a few of your best girlfriends, and your aunts and cousins, all together to sit on those giant couches to oooh and aaah as you put on a mini-bridal fashion show. What you're looking for here is to find specific silhouettes that you like best - you're not trying to narrow it down just yet, you want to get a feel for what shapes and styles you feel confident in. Insider tip - it's almost never the style you think you're going to love! 



Second to Fourth Time Out - The Search Is On
Your maid of honour, your trusted fashion confidant, your sister or your mom, you want people who can go five or six hours shopping and not break a sweat. You might have appointments at two (or if you're brave, three!) bridal salons in one day! You've narrowed it down to the silhouettes you like; now you're trying on gowns with a purpose. You don't want too many opinions - you want voices you trust and also who respect the choices you're making. 


Final Trip - Decision Time
You've narrowed it down to two (maybe three) gowns. You're close. This is kind of the final hurrah, and this would be the moment you say "YES!" to the dress. So make sure the most important women in your life are there - your mother, your grandmother, your sister. It's also a nice gesture to invite your future mother-in-law as a token that you're about to become her daughter as well. And by the way, it's this is another good time to pop the bubbly! 


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